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The Current Shortage Of Helium Switches Attention To Air Filled Products:

Maxi II Cup & Stick developed for Flexmetal Foil BalloonsOurdoor Display Stand for Jumbo Air-filled Shapes

No one needs to be reminded of the helium shortages currently dominating most sections of the balloon industry and there appears to be no definite information being released on the supply situation and when it will be resolved.

However, there are already instruction courses being held within the industry to re-visit air filled latex balloon displays and decoration pieces as an alternative to helium displays.

With this in mind and working closely with USA based Premium Balloon Accessories, Balloon Supply & Distribution Ltd. are now providing an air filled alternative for the helium foil balloon market.

When the first signs of a potential helium shortage appeared in 2010, Premium produced their Magic Wand which enabled 18” balloons to be filled with air and then tied to a corkscrew type cup on to a 20” Stick. This allows the balloon to move in a similar way to being filled with helium.

Development of the new Maxi-II Cup & Stick for Flexmetal balloons now enables Balloon Supply Company to offer a wide range of jumbo shaped balloons which can be filled with air and securely attached to a specially designed cup mounted on a 20” clear rigid stick.

In addition to colourful new packaging, Magnetic Base Cups are available for displaying air filled shapes at retail, which allows retailers to offer a new range of product for sale with pricing levels set to re-introduce the impulse purchase element which has been missing from retail during the past few years.

Testing at a number of out door children’s events and locations (where helium supplies were unavailable), has now seen repeat orders being placed as a result of sales and a very positive feedback from both children and parents for this new concept. In addition to the cost element, environmental factors make air-filling foil balloons an attractive alternative.


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